Layout Details

Size - The 36" x 80" layout is built on a hollow core door with 1" of blue extruded foam glued on top which allows for below track features such as the creek and ground depressions. The fascia is 1/8" tempered masonite painted an eggshell finish "Aged Pine" color from Valspar. The layout height is just under 47" and the layout sits on two plastic shelving units.

Track - Atlas code 80 flex track on Midwest cork roadbed with a couple pieces of small sectional track in certain locations. Minimum radius of around 12" with the mainline 1-1/8" on center.

Turnouts - The rear out-of-reach and out-of-sight  turnouts are Atlas #6 remotes with dual momentary contact pushbuttons for control. The turnouts that are hand-reachable are Atlas Custom Line with slide switches to keep the turnouts in position.

Ballast - Penn-Ohio Limestone #50 from Smith & Son.  I use rubbing alcohol as a wetting agent and Woodland Scenics cement as the bonding agent. 

Wiring - Dual cab DC block control using On-Off-On toggle switches. No DCC. Using one Basic Train Engineer wireless control from Crest and one MRC Tech II power supply.  A small control panel slides under the layout top when not in use, which was a good idea.

Bridges - Micro Engineering's 40' open desk girder bridges leading into the short tunnel at Hills.  Two Atlas bridges were cut and combined into one on the right side. Both bridges have ME C70 guard rails.

Structures - Using mostly easy kits or pre-built structures where available.  All building are lighted and there may even be lighted lamp posts. A few places were left vacant for future buildings/houses. Structures so far include:

Walther's Cornerstone - Dayton Machine Shop, Water Street Freight Terminal, Jim's Repair Shop, State Line Farm Supply, Golden Valley Freight, Modulars 3-in-1 set, Co-op Storage Shed

Atlas - Barb's Bungalow, Kate's Colonial Home, Kim's Classic, Maywood Station, Signal Tower

Bachmann - Sears Catalog House, Farm House

DPM - Hayes Hardware, Erik's Emporium

Like-Like - Rural Chapel

Woodland Scenics - Harrison's Hardware, Fill'er up & Fix'er, Lubener's General Store

Roads -Asphalt roads made from a base of .040 thickness styrene . Roads painted with SP Lark Light Gray with a little reefer white added.  Road marking are 1/64" and 1/32" white Chartpak graphic tape which has a matte finish.  RIX railings were used on two road bridges.

Scenery - Woodland Scenics ground foam, turf and underbrush.  Rocks made of sculptamold formed in aluminum foil molds.  Envirotex Lite was used for "water"  after the creek bed was painted a blending combination of black, navy blue, old ivy and forest green.  Acrylic gloss gel medium was used to create ripples and the sense of movement on the water.  Trees are SuperTrees by Scenic Express with evergreens from Busch. 

Details -Blair Line traffic signs. Vehicles from Classic Metal Works, Kato and Tomytec. Modified Bachmann telephone poles. John Deere and Cat tractors. People from Woodland Scenics and Preiser.

Working Crossbuck - Crossbucks from NJ International with a Ngineering flasher. Scratch built across-the-track infrared detection and bell ringing circuits designed by Rob Paisley.

Working PRR Signals -  Lighted signals from Alkem Scale Models.  Between-the-rails infrared detection and signal animation from Heathcote Electronics.

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