What's New

Some of the most recent things that are new or being worked on:

- Engine Modifications:
    GP-7 and RF-16 received trainphone antennas from Gold Medal Models.   
    Added a few engine number boards using a technique developed by John Sing
    Switched the headlights in the RS-11 & GP-7 to golden white LEDs from Richmond Controls.
    A PRR shell with road number 8801 replaced an Erie shell on an Atlas GP-7. Back to all Pennsy engines.
    A new Walthers Proto C-Liner PRR "A" unit arrived on the Chartiers.
    Changed the LL SW9/1200 to metal worm gears and z scale couplers.

- Rolling Stock Modifications:
    Changed the Atlas hopper cars to body mounted couplers to reduce car-car spacing.
    Put Z scale couplers on a newly arrived Bowser N5C caboose and older N5s.
    Added Kato baggage hooks to the PBM70 combine car.
    Moved the trucks of the Red Caboose's X29 boxcars inward 2 scale feet and changed to BLMA foot stirrups.

- Figures and Vehicles:
    Added a pack of Preiser woman and railroad employee figures.
    Received 10 Tomytec 1:150 scale vehicles from Japan - very nice.
    Christmas gift provided some beach people and fisherman for along the creek.

- Crossbucks and Signaling:
    Installed two MAS-SEQUENCER-4 boards for between-the-rail IR detection and signal animation.  Works great.
    Finished two lighted PRR type positional signals from Alkem Scale Models. 
    Installed and tested the across-the-track IR detection circuit for the crossbucks.
    Added a bell ringing circuit which comes on with the crossbuck flashing lights
    Added a flashing circuit for the crossbucks from Ngineering.
    Added NJ International crossbucks at a road grade crossing.

- Scenery and Structures:
    Added some signs and ads to a few buildings.
    Received Lubener's general store from Woodland Scenics which now sits on Railroad Street.
    Added a project page for the hiding control panel
    Added a warm summer beach scene along the Chartiers Creek.
    Received the new Atlas Kim's Classic house which now sits on a lot down from the church.

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