Some steam engine that seen a lot of service on the old E&A layout. 

My favorite engine - the infamous PRR 4-6-2 K4s Pacific.  I had several of these Minitrix engine that ran poorly until I re-motored them with a Mashima 1220 can motor.  I initially added a flywheel that is visible above but they were removed as being ineffective.  Added bigger brass pick-up wipers for the tender trucks and ran very flexible wire from them to the engine's motor.  Some moldable lead was added "under the hood" to add a little overall weight. A modified Micro-Trains coupler on the pilot enabled double-heading which was great. Cosmetic changes included painting the smokebox, bell, cab roof, NeoLube on the running gear and a keystone number plate. One of the K4s also had a long-haul tender.

The 4-4-2 Atlantic was made by cutting a Minitrix 4-6-2's shell and frame down. The bell was relocated but the rest of the modification were the same as the Pacific.  The resulting Atlantic looked great but was not a good puller so it typically ran in a consist with a K4s. This Atlantic and a Pacific won 1st place in the N scale steam category at PRRT&HS national convention in 2002.

The Minitrix 0-6-0 switcher had a tendency to stall through turnouts until the tender pick-up were modified and an additional electrical wire was added.  Only did cosmetic changes on this engine and did not change from the original motor.

The Con-Cor 4-6-2 Pacific is was a good runner even if it did not have a typical PRR Belpaire firebox and high headlight.

The 4-6-4 Hudson came from a great deal that George Picyk got on some engine and parts.  It turned out to be a good runner but somewhat unpredictable

The best running engine was this 4-8-2 Mikado from Kato.  Only change was to add a Kato's traction tire driver which was sold separately.

The appearance of this Minitrix 2-10-0 Decapod was greatly improved when the boiler was cut down so that the steam pipe would align with the steam chest. Also added some details to the pilot.  It ran OK but was not consistent.

The newer Bachmann Spectrum 2-8-0 Consolidation was a good looking engine and nice runner.  Although it had a small hitch in its stride that I could not get rid of.
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