Pictures Through First Phase of Scenery

Trains are running! New signal tower at the interchange would block some of this shot now. 

Painted the fascia a green/black color and raised the layout to 44" on two shelving units.  Just doing this caused a couple of trees to start growing on the layout.  Interesting...

Finished the top surface of the control panel with .040 styrene. This was a pain, one pushbutton shorted and took an Atlas turnout with it.

Started to apply some acrylic gloss gel medium to the surface of the creek to create ripples and the sense of water movement. Maybe need to do a little more and some touch-up, but I like the overall look much better than the default dead calm look of a resin pour.

Completed the final pour of  Envirotex into the Chartiers Creek.  I will touch up the edges, once it cures, and add some acrylic gloss gel medium to the surface to create ripples and the sense of movement on the water.  That is if I can figure out the technique to do so.  My initial pour showed that I painted the creek bed with too much of a blue/green color.  I decided to try again so I repainted a new creek bed using more of a black/blue directly on top of the first pour. The results are above and I'm happy with the color now.

Rough-in of scenery started on the Chartiers Creek which runs the full length of the layout.  Rocks are still being worked.  Looks like the area was hit by a massive mud flow, but it's only the brown sub-base color that has been applied. Coloring of the creek bed and "water" comes later. (Note: The creek bed came out too bumpy and was stripped down to flat wood after this picture was taken.)



First of many levels of scenery has started with initial focus along the long creek.  Fascia will go on soon.
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